The Best Political Memes of the 2016 US Election

The Best Political Viral Memes of the 2016 US Election

The candidates are now all but chosen, and the selection season is making ready to reach its zenith as we approach November. This is the time when interest in politics is at its elevation, and many people who usually only show a passing interest in politics issue begin to pay much more attention, and even start out wanting to share their own political opinions.

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One of the latest, easiest and most interesting methods to express and share a political viewpoint today is through memes. Basically these are pictures which anyone could easily recaption and share by using a meme generator internet site. It easy, they are generally funny and engaging, and they are becoming increasingly common.

I’m sure that seeing that the election time progresses we will see innovative and funny images, but there have been some great examples. This is the list of some of the best political memes until now:

3: This one popped up when GOP prospect Rick Perry could only remember two of his 3 key policies. People started posting noticeable lists of 3 with Perry disregarding the last one, like: Rock, Paper and Uhh?
Scumbag Obama: Scumbag Steve fantastic instantly recognisable do not lik is a mainstay of meme websites. Great his hat provides migrated to all types of other characters together with the epithet ‘Scumbag’.
AnstoƟ Boy Romney: This all started off every time a range of bullying accusations came to light regarding Mitt Romney in his youthful days. It is based on an angry seeking picture of Romney pointing towards the model of camera and many of the captions refer to the people positions on might issues and homosexual marriage.
Up voting Obama: This started since an in tall tale on reddit. It is actually based on a picture of President Obama consuming a pint of Guinness and providing an thumbs up and was originally used for antics about voting some misconception on Reddit, great mainly features politics Jokes about the president. One of my favorites is ‘Inflation? That Makes the Economy Greater Right? ‘ along with the president obviously providing a thumbs up to increase.

So whether you are buying little bit of entertainment and election humor, or whether you have a political opinion you want to express and share to people, or if you want to share some funny images that already express your judgment with friends, you may should take a few moments away of your day to follow along with one of the top personal meme generator websites.